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Would you like to have a perfect reputation?
Or has she "suffered" from you?

In any case, you need SERM-marketing
(Manage online reputation)

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What is it

The term SERM is a series of measures aimed at increasing the amount of positive content about a company, a brand, a specific product. Maybe one of you will ask, why is it necessary? As mentioned above, the Internet is now an indispensable companion of modern man. In the process of going on vacation, buying a new phone, choosing a car of a particular brand, a person goes to the far end of the net in search of the information he needs. Somehow, he comes across reviews on which his final decision largely depends.

Why and for whom such a service is necessary

All companies and private entrepreneurs who want to develop need to manage their reputation in search engine output. SERM is simply necessary to increase the number of sales.

A prime example of how SERM can influence the company's (and its revenue) development is the crisis that hit Toyota's largest group in 2010. Then the management of the company had to make a rather difficult decision about the recall of more than 8 million cars in which there was a problem with acceleration and braking. Imagine what the first pages in search engines looked like with reviews of cars of that brand. The group has not shocked and taken several steps that have helped restore its reputation.

Reviews need to be monitored, or


Reviews need to be monitored, or

How it works

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