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Advertising on the Internet

Реклама в интернете

Advertising on the Internet

Today, the Global Network is recognized as the most important channel for the dissemination of information in the world. The reasons believe experts:
- the avalanche of the number of people who perceive the Internet as one of the necessities of life;
- shift the focus of commerce from traditional websites to online resources that offer the user new opportunities;
- Interactivity of online marketing, which enables the conversion of users into buyers;
- Ability to capture, process and analyze information about the actions of the user for the operational adjustment of the marketing strategy.

For the advertiser, this means unrivaled advertising effectiveness, high feedback speed with the buyer, flexibility to tailor the offer to the selected audience, a wide range of tools to measure the effectiveness of the strategy, and a reduction in the cost of advertising campaigns.


Онлайн или офлайн

Online or offline

Meanwhile, the largest advertisers in the country for promoting their brands on the Internet are more than 45% of the budget, since offline marketing remains the basic image tool, obviously losing Internet advertising in the field of sales promotion.


Виды интернет-рекламы

Types of online advertising

The main types of advertising on the Internet are PPC (contextual advertising), SEO (search engine promotion), display (banquet) advertising, SMM (social media advertising), teaser advertising, CPR (lead generation), mobile advertising.


Выбор площадки

Selection of the place

The placement of advertising on the Internet can be done in different locations - in special search engine tools Google and Yandex, social networks Facebook and Twitter.


Попадание в целевую аудиторию

Reach the target audience

Despite the fact that a basic principle of network promotion is considered the versatility of the offers, with which attract the maximum number of visitors, targeted advertising on the Internet more specifically meets the needs of users and increases the conversion score of visitors, disinterested in the subsidized products and services.


Свой отдел или аутсорс

Your department or outsourcing

Advertising on the Internet is becoming more and more professional every year - the integration of artificial intelligence excludes the possibility to get into the top search engines of inferior content. The need for constant monitoring of new trends in Internet marketing, changes in search algorithms and the legislative base, as well as operative bringing of the Internet resource in full accordance with you make attraction of experts of marketing area almost obligatory. Outsourcing allows you to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining your own staff of advertisers and marketers of various disciplines without losing the quality of the end product.