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Attracting customers

Привлечение клиентов

Attracting customers

The classic scheme of the ideal "sales funnel" consists of:
- lead generation, the crucial task of drawing the potential buyer's attention to the service being promoted;
- Preparation Lead procedure for access to detailed information about the product and the brand;
- Sales.

The implementation of this algorithm involves 4 stages of extraction-the creation of a portrait of the potential buyer, the development of relevant content, the value to the client of the brand, the formation of an effective communication channel with the customer and the transformation of the potential buyer into the customer.

The loyalty card prepared by Adamant MG experts for each project includes a full complex of modern marketing tools:
- plan and turnover;
- amount of the desired profit;
- audience coverage and conversion percentage;
- Calculations of income on different channels of attraction.


Анализируем вашу сферу деятельности и ЦА

We analyze your area of activity

The prospective buyer's portrait is created based on the ABC XYZ analysis, followed by the segmentation of the results according to the assortment matrix.


Выявляем проблемы и потребности ЦА

We identify the problems and needs

The main criteria for identifying the target group are the area of activity and the income of the customers, a complex of factors that influence the purchase decision, age, geographic features, price range, etc.


Подбираем подходы

We select approaches

The Adamant MG specialists use the methods of direct and indirect, outgoing and ascending lead generation, as well as different types of content, depending on the individual characteristics of the product.




RFM testing and continuous monitoring of number of views, conversions, conversions, and costs on different channels are used to assess the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.


Приводим клиентов

We bring customers

Adamant MG makes it possible for medical centers, dentists and cosmetic clinics not to provide random visitors, but to prepare potential customers for the products promoted and to guide customers "by the hand".