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Evaluation of the efficiency

Оценка эффективности

Evaluation of the efficiency

Indicators that determine the effectiveness of lead generation are:
- ratio of the number of sales to the volume of potential transactions;
- the amortization rate of the advertising costs;
- the cost of Lead.

The most important factors influencing the key performance indicators are the quality of the executives and the professionalism of the sales managers; in addition - the level of competitiveness of the product promoted, the cost of goods or services and the general situation in the market segment.

The Romi indicator (Return on Marketing Investment) enables the calculation of the return on marketing investments and is one of the most important features of a company's profitability. The ROMI formula generally looks like this:
ROMI = revenue generated by the company, less marketing costs, is shared by the cost of the advertising campaign.

The result can be expressed both as a percentage and as a numerical factor. For the objective calculation, it is necessary to consider the cost of the product, the profit from its realization and the amount of investment in advertising a product or service.


ROMI - самый важный показатель

ROMI is the most important indicator

ROMI is a measure of the marketing investment.

ROMI enables you to quantify the effectiveness of investing in an advertising campaign and gain a competitive advantage over organizations that do not have such metrics.

ROMI < 100 - the project does not pay.
ROMI > or = 100 - each ruble invested pays off and profits!


Автоматизация расчета эффективности

Automation of the efficiency calculation

Track the effectiveness of the marketing campaign is carried out with the help of automated web analysis systems - Yandex HTML Yandex.Metrics, Google Analytics and LiveInternet. The tools are built into the web resource and do not require access to the server because they are managed through the content management system.

However, Adamant MG uses self-developed programs to calculate the efficiency of lead procurement. This allows customers to calculate their additional profits easily and informatively.

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