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Our specialty
lead generation!

Guaranteed increase
2 times the number of customers

What it is

Lead generation is the process of creating a lead flow*
using various Internet Marketing Tools.
* A lead is a qualified potential buyer who shows a certain interest in purchasing your product or service.

How it works

Fast Start technique -
3 days to prepare an advertising campaign


Who is it for?

New customers are needed for any business, it is obvious.

How much does it cost?

You're interested in this question right from the start, aren't you?

The cost of lead due to the specifics of business niche, the geographical location of the company, competition in the market, cost of sales promotion, Conversion indicators of landing page and planned expectations of profit from a transaction.

The cost of lead is calculated according to the formula:

CPL (cost per lead) - the cost of the customer who left his contacts

You can order individually
calculation of the cost of lead

Calculate the cost of lead