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Landings and creative

Лендинги и креативы

Landings and creative

Landing is a one-sided online resource with the possibility of committing the sole goal of the action (buying, ordering services etc.), which is currently considered one of the most effective tools of implementing the marketing strategy. The effectiveness of the «one-to-one-goal» model has been confirmed by numerous studies and split tests.

The landings developed by Adamant MG are successfully used by medical centers, dental and cosmological blades for solving tasks:
- examination of demand and profitability of services;
- product presentations;
- expand your existing and create a new customer base;
- announcements and promotion of actions and events at different levels.

High conversion rates of Adamant MG Landings are achieved through the accuracy of ad compliance, attention factor 1: 1 property, and simple split tests.


Для чего нужен лендинг

What is landing for

Landings serve as a "springboard" for the business, as short as possible and accessible the benefits of a unique trade offer of the company to the potential buyer and "PUSH" it to commit the chosen target action.


Правильная структура лендинга

Right landing structure

The basic set of elements includes a basic heading with a subtitle, a powerful UTP, confidence indicators, call-to-action, contacts and a registration form. Additional blocks may be the sections "About Us", "Product Benefits" and "Feedback".


Тестирование и эффективность

Testing and effectiveness

With split testing, you can identify and use the optimal format for your marketing message to drive conversion. For maximum efficiency landing it is recommended to develop adaptive side, adjust the high frequency queries and carefully adjust the metadata, web analytics tools and timely to optimize the content.